Routine Charts For Kids PDF (ages 2-10)

Type: Printables

Little chart, big possibilities.

Still searching for a fun and helpful routine chart so you can stop chasing your unfocused kids around the house each morning like your hair is on fire?

You won’t be late for school or work ever again with these brilliant routine charts for kids.

These blissful charts will become the backbone of your morning and evening.

So stop fighting your spirited little munchkins EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY and instead boost confidence and cooperation as young kids take responsibility for their morning and bedtime routines.

This isn’t just any boring chart. Here’s a snapshot of its magical powers:

  • Breaks down tasks into easy-to-follow steps
  • Provides structure
  • Teaches independence
  • Prevents meltdowns
  • Provides helpful reminders (that don't come from you)
  • Creates a set of rules (that aren't yours) it's on the chart so it the law 

Visual schedules are especially helpful for kids on the autism spectrum, children with ADHD, sensory issues, or other special needs.

Instructions for use:

  • Download
  • Print (card stock is recommended)
  • Customizations are optional: Laminate, Velcro, dry erase markers, frame (you choose what works for you).
  • Use

 This 8.5x11 instant download includes:

  • 2 Premade Routine Charts. Print and Go!
  • 4 Different Create Your Own Routine Chart Templates
  • 4 Pages of Task Cards (36 in total) and Tons of Checkmark Cut-Outs
  • Detailed Instructions


Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).



Instantly download your printable charts right after confirming your purchase.
Simply print at home, at your local print shop, or with an online printing service. Card stock paper is recommended.
Start streamlining your routines.
Over time, your kids will appreciate the routine and will start to show independence and less resistance.


    Fun Stuff


    For this chart, I recommend printing on thick stock paper, so it's easier to hang, not as flimsy, and can handle some wear ‘n’ tear.

    This next step isn't necessary, but boy oh boy, it sure skyrockets things to the next level of fun. Do you have a laminator? (If you don't have one, I like this one). Laminate your routine chart. We all know kids are hard on things, so now you won't have to keep printing your chart and cards every time they get a little beat up.

    This chart works best with Velcro stickers. And this is the icing on the cake. Attach one side of the Velcro sticker to the task card, and one side to the chart. Ensure that you don't mix up the sides. (i.e., the "hook" side should be on the chart, and the "furry" side on the cards.) Now you can move the cards around at your leisure. (Plus it's SUPER fun for kids).

    You can also customize your way. Use self-adhesive magnets, dry erase markers. Whatever works for you.