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Story Cube

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Once upon a time, there was an activity where your imagination has no limits! Epic, magical, or wacky adventures... roll the cubes, make a story!

 First, assemble the cube. Cut along the outside.

  • Fold the cube along the middle lines.
  • Fold in the flaps. Secure the flaps with tape or glue to create a cube.
  • Repeat for the other story cube printables.

 What's included in this kit:


  • Blank Story Cube
  • 3 Items Cubes
  • 2 Characters Cubes
  • Settings Cube
  • Element Cube
  • Transportation Cube
  • Write a story worksheet
  • Create a story worksheet

For the story cube game, you can make your own story cube or use our pre-printed cubes provided.

To begin: Have the child roll the cubes, they will land on different characters and objects, and this will start to spark their imaginations. I'd suggest they roll an item, character, setting, transportation, weather, and element cube. They can then use the five pictures to build a story.

 Just watch as they roll the policeman, the magic castle, with the secret map, and you can soon see how little imaginations will soar!

Story Cube
Story Cube Sale price$4.00