Calm Down Cards PDF (ages 2-10)

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Create A Happier Home, Today!

Give kids the tools to find appropriate ways to calm down when big emotions strike!

These 40 Calm Down Cards will help kids to cool off, break the tension of any stressful moment, and recognize and control their emotions when BIG feelings strike. 

Why allow your child to feel upset, anxious, or angry when there are ways to help them feel better?

We all get upset. It's normal.

But if your child's emotions are overtaking your household, this inevitably creates stress, anxiety, and resentment (and we don't want to resent our kids).

Here's the deal:

We all have to go deal with emotions — it's a part of life. But we can teach our kids to better cope with these powerful feelings and lessen emotional reactivity.

You see:

When emotions overtake our children, they are powerful enough to create unpleasant emotional and physical responses. Young children's brains are still developing and the part of their brains responsible for reasoning and executive function is not fully developed.


Sometimes they are simply unable to calm down themselves. Kids can become mean, aggressive, anxious, and even self-harm.

If you want to help your kids deal with these powerful emotions more appropriately (and positively get their attention),  then we need to use a fun distraction, but a distraction that also teaches.

These cards will teach kids to become aware of their emotions and how certain emotions feel, teach them to regain a sense of well-being, and teach practical coping strategies.  

And that's why these calm down cards are so amazing. It will guide you on how to do all this and much, much more.

I assure you. This is not just any printable.

It's powerful play therapy that sprinkles fun and learning in to ensure your kids feel calmer, less anxious, and more in control each and every day.


Instructions for Use

  • Download
  • Print (card stock is best but any paper will do), laminate if you can
  • Use

How to Use Your Cards

When you notice your child is getting agitated, ask your little one to pull a card (we pull 3) and they must do whatever the card says.

It's fun, engaging, and kids love the surprise.

It's better to use the cards before your child has erupted into full-on meltdown mode.

These cards work best when you notice your child is

  • Agitated
  • Upset
  • Sad
  • Silly
  • Overstimulated
  • Anxious
  • Angry
  • Tired

These cards are also wonderful resources for kids who have ADHD, are on the autism spectrum, battling sensory processing disorder or even ODD. They are also great for spirited kids, or any child that has trouble calming down.

With this instant download, you will get 40 cards.




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