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Grab our best-selling Anxiety Kit for Kids, Anger Rescue Kit, Feelings Check-In Mini Bundle, Tone of Voice Cards, and Social Stories together now for a super special price.

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Create A Happier Home or Classroom Today!

Give kids the tools to find appropriate ways to calm down when big emotions strike!

These kits will help kids to cool off, break the tension of any stressful moment, and recognize and control their emotions when BIG feelings strike. 

Why allow your child to feel upset, anxious, or angry when there are ways to help them feel better?

We all get upset. It's normal.

But if your child's emotions are overtaking your household or classroom, this inevitably creates stress, anxiety, and resentment (and we don't want to resent our kids).

Here's the deal:

We all must deal with emotions — it's a part of life. But we can teach our kids to better cope with these powerful feelings and lessen emotional reactivity.

You see:

When emotions overtake our children, they are powerful enough to create unpleasant emotional and physical responses. Young children's brains are still developing, and the part of their brains responsible for reasoning and executive function is not fully developed.


Sometimes they are simply unable to calm themselves down. Kids can become mean, aggressive, anxious, and even self-harm.

If you want to help your kids deal with these powerful emotions more appropriately (and positively get their attention),  then we need to teach them how to handle them appropriately.

These kits will teach kids to become aware of their emotions and how certain emotions feel, teach them to regain a sense of well-being, and teach practical coping strategies.  

And that's why these kits are so unique  It will guide you on how to do all this and much more.

These kits are powerful play therapy that sprinkles fun and learning to ensure your kids feel calmer, less anxious, and more in control daily.


  • Anxiety Kit for Kids 
  • Anger Kit for Kids
  • Tone of Voice Cards and Scenarios
  • Feelings Check-In Mini Bundle
  • Social Stories

 The total retail price of these kits is $92! And you can snag these today for only $17.

The Anxiety Kit for Kids

Millions of kids suffer from anxiety and worry, which can be very limiting, causing kids to have emotional outbursts, miss school, shy away from trying new activities, or even make meeting new friends difficult.

Anxiety can also cause sleep issues, focus problems, and depression.

With this anxiety kit (over 80 pages), your children, patients, or students will learn how to: 

  • Find peace
  • Cultivate confidence
  • Move past fears and worries
  • Set and accomplish goals

 And most importantly, get back to being a kid!

(If you would like to purchase the anxiety kit for kids on its own, click here)


The Anger Rescue Kit for Kids 

When you purchase this Printable Anger Rescue Kit, you'll get a collection of worksheets, postersand activities designed to help children squash anger and bring fun and freedom back into their lives.

With these fun and engaging activities, your children, patients, or students will learn how to:

  • Develop coping and calming strategies so that they can stay calm and make better choices when they feel upset
  • Balance their emotions and energy
  • Process and react appropriately to challenging feelings

They will discover that anger management can be learned like any other life skill  It just takes practice and patience  If you would like to purchase our anger kit on its own, click here.


Tone of Voice Cards 

Have you ever heard the phrase, it's not what you say, it's how you say it?

You see, kids don't always understand how their tone of voice can change the meaning of what they are saying.

We can help kids learn to recognize their tone of voice when communicating; this will help them be mindful of how they are saying what they are saying.

Just look at the phrase, "What's for dinner."  Think of all the different meanings this sentence could have based on what words you emphasize and the tone you use.

Oh, and what's great about this set is it's totally fun for kids; they often get right into practicing the tones. (Quite dramatically!)

This helpful set includes printable practice cards, tone of voice feeling cheat sheets, and scenario cards.   If you would like to purchase our Tone of Voice Cards on their own, click here.


Feelings Check-In Mini Bundle

Teach kids to identify and verbalize how they are feeling in a fun way!

Identifying emotions you experience will help you better understand how you are feeling, and this helps you learn acceptable ways to respond to how you are feeling.

This feelings check-in helps kids identify their feelings and create their own coping plan for when big feelings strike. 

This set includes:

  • Coping Skills Poster
  • 35 Coping Strategy Cards
  • Feelings Check-In Worksheet
  • Coping Strategy Plan
  • Ferris Wheel of Feelings (Preschool and Elementary Version)
  • Feelings List
  • Good and Bad Feelings Worksheet

This adorable kit will make a great addition to any home, classroom or counseling office. If you would like to purchase our Feelings Check-In Mini Bundle on its own, click here.


This kit is 82% off the retail value if you were to buy all these bundles separately. If you're looking for a comprehensive pack of emotional regulation resources for a steal, this bundle is for you!

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Tina Hayward

I've been looking for something like this for a long time and this is just perfect. I'm already implementing some aspects of this bundle. Thank you very much.

Jenny Kerr

I am impressed at the depth of exploration afforded in these visuals!! The aesthetic of the drawings are wonderful and inviting, and my only comment would be to add more diversity :D

Katie Davidson
Great resources!

Can’t wait to implement them this summer to help my child with ASD

Jason Green

Great experience

nichole Banks
Love it

So cute! cant wait to start it

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