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Calming Corner Lapboard PDF (ages 3-10)

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Overwhelmed kids or students? Get back to the green zone, quick!

Create a positive home or classroom environment with these delightful and engaging charts.

These interactive charts are beautifully designed and will help your students develop self-regulation skills. They are perfect for classrooms or counseling offices.

This kit invites students to check in with their feelings, decide how they want to feel, and then create their own calm-down plan.

This is the perfect tool for classroom management. So get your students back to the green zone, and quick!

This kit will integrate nicely with your existing calming corner or will work perfectly as a stand-alone resource.

I call this my chill out hideout, but whatever name you choose to describe these magical resources (calming corner, zen zone, take a break spot, peace corner), it's sure to be a hit.

What's Included:

  • Instructions
  • How am I feeling chart
  • Strategies chart
  • Emergency calm down card
  • Breathing exercises and trigger points

    For the interactive chart's you'll need:

    • Scissors
    • Laminator (optional but recommended)
    • Card Stock Paper (optional but recommended)
    • Velcro tabs
    • Binder or file folder


    Calming Corner Lapboard PDF (ages 3-10)
    Calming Corner Lapboard PDF (ages 3-10) Sale price$5.00