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Positive Parenting Handbook

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Positive Parents = Calm, Confident, Happy Kids

Put the FUN back into parenting with this one-of-a-kind Positive Parenting Handbook, loved by hundreds of happy parents, your one-stop shop to quickly create a calm, happy home without eating up your entire day, or breaking the bank.

So often, I've heard parents brush off their children's tantrums, backtalk, excessive worry, or power struggles along with THEIR OWN frustration, exhaustion, and resentment, thinking that things will magically get better in a few years. News alert: They don't; they usually get worse.

You never expected parenting to be a breeze, but you didn't expect to be knocked flat off your feet.

Many days emotions boil over; your senses are under full assault, and you've lost your space, your time. Your identity is as blurred as your sticky-fingered windows.

And when you've reached your last limit, you silently complain, rage, yell, or cry. Oh, how we cry.

Social media images are banging you over the head, showing us perfect got-it-together moms and their always adorable (and coordinated) kids, and this might negatively affect how you view your own family. You'd love to ask that mom how she handles a tantrum or backtalk, but that would mean admitting you aren't quite sure what to do. (Besides, do her kids even have tantrums?)

And many nights, you fall into bed exhausted, worried, and feeling guilty, wondering just how screwed up the kids will be.

But here's the thing:

It doesn't have to be this way.

To have a calm and happy future with your family, you have to make changes today.

So you might ask, "How on earth can I shape this tiny human into a healthy, well-adjusted adult?"

Well, friend, don't panic! Take a deep breath because this is where positive parenting comes in. Parenting is about more than just getting the kids to behave. It's about better family relationships, increased joy and connection, and raising resilient tiny humans.

The Positive Parenting handbook gives parents anywhere, on any budget, the power to transform their families TODAY. Real parents, real results!

This is a 150-page instant digital download. You can read it on your computer or phone or print it out.

Please note:  This is a digital product, and nothing will be mailed.

👉--The Positive Parenting Handbook is also found in our popular Positive Parenting Toolkit, which gives parents, teachers, or practitioners access to 100's of printable resources for one highly discounted price. You can find the Positive Parenting Toolkit right here.

Intentional parenting allows you to...

…save energy for the things that matter most so you can help your child navigate challenges, connect to your kiddo's heart, and spend more time on the things you love. Support, empower, prepare and equip your kids to handle anything that is thrown their way.



Positive Parenting Handbook
Positive Parenting Handbook Sale price$12.00 Regular price$17.00