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Gratitude Toolkit for Kids PDF (ages 4-11)

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Thankful kids grow up to be happier adults!

Format: PDF     Age: 5-12    Pages: 100+

Open your family or classroom up to the POWER of Gratitude with this 100+ page Gratitude Kit for Kids.

Gratitude is a fun and easy way of improving your life.

The results are staggering! 

Kids who practice gratitude are happier.

Gratitude increases kindness, decreases stress and anxiety, improves sleep, makes you less materialistic, helps balance emotions, reduces symptoms of illness, makes you happier, and much more...

And here's the best part:

This happiness boost sticks around as kids grow into adults!

By adopting this fun and eye-opening habit, we've now equipped our children with a powerful mindset that will help them face challenges and stay positive throughout their entire lives.


Science tells us gratitude is one of the easiest ways to retrain the brain!

Help your child foster these important things:

  • Start seeing the bright side of life and appreciate the good things already in your life
  • Practice shifting mindsets from negative to positive
  • Foster relationships by writing thank you notes and doing kind acts
  • Cultivate confidence by investigating what makes you special

This spectacular kit is perfect for any time of the year but especially perfect before and during Thanksgiving.



This 100+ page kit includes everything you need to start your kids on this magical journey.


  • Gratitude is Great...Here's Why...
  • My Happy Place
  • 10 Ways to Practice Gratitude
  • Gratitude Social Story
  • Gratitude Coloring Page
  • Gratitude Coloring Bookmarks
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Find the Good
  • Things I'm Loving
  • Weekly Gratitude Check-In
  • One Line a Day
  • ABC's of Gratitude
  • Gratitude is Great
  • Gratitude Jar
  • Thankfulness Wordsearch
  • Scavenger Hunt - Home Edition
  • Scavenger Hunt - Classroom Edition
  • All the Things I Love
  • 10 Ways to Use Manners Poster
  • I'm Grateful For Me
  • Gratitude Tree
  • Mini Thank-You Cards
  • Mini Notes
  • Thank-You Letter
  • Lunch Notes/Positive Affirmations
  • Secret Space
  • 3x Gratitude Quote Posters

And what's even better is that because this is a digital kit, you can use these worksheets/journal pages/ and activities for years to come!


  • Gratitude Challenge: Encourage kids to use the worksheets for a 30-day gratitude challenge. Each day, they can complete an activity and jot down something they're thankful for and why. Parents and teachers can join in, too!
  • Gratitude Craft of the Week: Designate a "Gratitude Craft Day" each week. 
  • Between-Class Gratitude Breaks: Incorporate gratitude activities during breaks between classes. Quick exercises from the kit, like coloring pages or brief discussions about gratitude, can help kids transition positively from one subject to the next.
  • Fall-Themed Gratitude: Use the kit's activities to teach kids about gratitude during this time, such as making gratitude trees or turkey blessing crafts.
  • Bedtime Gratitude Routine: Make gratitude a bedtime ritual. Before sleep, use the kit's materials for a calming gratitude practice. Kids can color a page or share something they're grateful for from their day.


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Please note: Our resources are for personal use only. (One home or classroom.) If you would like to use these resources within a practice you charge for, you must purchase the commercial license above. You may not redistribute these files in any manner, upload them to a public site, or share them with other members within your organization. If you have questions about licensing, please contact

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.  

Gratitude Toolkit for Kids PDF (ages 4-11)
Gratitude Toolkit for Kids PDF (ages 4-11) Sale price$15.00