100+ Lunchbox Notes For Kids (PDF)

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Spice up your child's lunch with these adorable printable lunchbox notes!

Let your kids know you love them and are thinking about them with these inspirational and fun lunchbox note cards for kids. Include one card each day when you are packing lunch and your child will look forward to opening their lunch each day for a sweet surprise.

Score one for mom!

Each one of the 100+ cards includes a unique and fun picture or character with a funny or motivational message. Each card is gender-neutral.

Pro Tip: Consider writing your own personal message on the back of the card, or use one of the 12 blank cards provided.

Instructions for Use

  • Download
  • Print (card stock is recommended)
  • Use


  • Brighten your kid's day! Make them feel special and put a smile on their faces. EVERY DAY.
  • A kind note in the midst of a chaotic or stressful day could be the little touch that turns your kiddos day around.
  • Reminding your child that they are loved and cherished no matter what challenges they face at school is priceless.
  • A nice connection to your child when you can't be with them.  
  • These amazing lunch box notes are fun, inspirational, and inspire a growth mindset. Show your support, boost your child's confidence, and help them succeed.

These lunch box notes include a picture and/or a funny character (and a special message), this is a perfect fit for kindergartners to middle schoolers. 

This set also includes 12 themed cards (6 Halloween cards and 6 Christmas cards).

Satisfaction is guaranteed. These cards are designed by a loving mother whose son is over the moon excited about his surprise note each and every day.

What's Included

  • This is a digital product for instant download.
  • US letter page size (twelve cards per page). 
  • High printing quality and bright colors. With this instant download, you will get 100+ cards.


If you purchased a digital product, please note:

  • If you purchased a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.
  • US letter page size (fits into a three-ring binder) 
  • High printing quality and bright colors. 
  • There are no refunds or returns on digital products.
  • Each license (purchase) on digital products is valid for one person. These resources are for non-commercial use only. This PDF file may not be distributed for free or for any form of compensation.

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For charts and cards I recommend printing on thick stock paper, so it's easier to hang, not as flimsy, and can handle some wear ‘n’ tear.

For worksheets, activities and guides, I recommend printing and keeping securely in a three ring binder. Easy Peasy.

If you've purchased a handy chart or set of cards, this isn't necessary, but boy oh boy, it sure skyrockets things to the next level of fun. Do you have a laminator? (If you don't have one, I like this one). Laminate your resources (amazing). We all know kids are hard on things, so now you won't have to keep printing your chart and cards every time they get a little beat up.

Many of our charts also use Velcro stickers. And this is the icing on the cake. Attach one side of the Velcro sticker to the task card, and one side to the chart. Ensure that you don't mix up the sides. (i.e., the "hook" side should be on the chart, and the "furry" side on the cards.) Now you can move the cards around at your leisure. (Plus it's SUPER fun for kids).