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Emotion Flashcards PDF (ages 2 to 10)

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Format: PDF     Age: 2-10      Pages: 8      

Move over Uno, and make room for the Feelings Flashcard Deck.

A young brain sure can be a confusing place! And anyone with kids knows how easy it is for young kids to go from happy to mad in under 3 seconds.

Our Emotion Flashcards are the perfect tool for teaching children (aged 2 to 10) the basics of emotional literacy. Our flashcards feature 28 cards to identify and learn a range of feelings and emotions. 

When you recognize and verbalize your feelings, you take the power of the BIG emotion away, and that's exactly what this Feelings Flashcard set will help you do. This builds a healthy foundation of confidence and self-awareness that will benefit your kids for a lifetime.


  • 28+ printable cards (print double-sided for a fun design on the back.
  • Print double-sided and laminate for durability.



  • Make a face - turn over a card, name the emotions listed, and have your child make the face that corresponds to the emotion flipped!
  • Emotional Charades: Take turns acting out the emotion presented.
  • Matching Game: Print two sets of cards and play a feelings-matching game.
  • Sorting: Sort the cards in positive versus negative emotions and discuss why. 

 Start fostering your child's emotional intelligence today!

Please note: Our resources are for personal use only. (One home or classroom.) You may not redistribute these files in any manner, upload them to a public site, or share them with other members within your organization. If you have questions about licensing, please contact

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship. 

Emotion Flashcards PDF (ages 2 to 10)
Emotion Flashcards PDF (ages 2 to 10) Sale price$5.00 Regular price$7.00