Anger Kit for Kids PDF (ages 4-11)


What pushes your buttons?

Are your sweet child's outbursts blowing the roof of the house? Are you left feeling gobsmacked, wondering what freight train just ran you over?

Or perhaps you think your child should have outgrown this stage by now.

You aren't alone.

Millions of kids suffer from tantrums, impulsivity, self-control, meltdowns, and anger outbursts (long past the toddler years), which can be very limiting and disruptive to the entire family.

This can lead to your kid feeling like the "bad kid" and leaving YOU feeling helpless with HOW to help.

Here’s the thing:

Many parents don't address these issues, thinking their kiddo will outgrow this stage.

But here's the bad news:

These issues often don't go away and left unaddressed; these issues can lead to SERIOUS problems in adolescence and adulthood.

Anger issues are the number one reason children are referred to therapy!

But I have good news:

You can help your kids, in a fun and engaging way, right in the comfort of your own home.

The digital Anger Rescue Pack (over 60 pages) includes over 100 activities, worksheets, posters, and coping strategies for helping kids:

  • Learn the basics of anger, identify triggers, and recognize how anger feels in the body.
  • Unearth communication essentials in a fun and interactive format so kids can communicate feelings, needs, and wants.
  • Discover calm down strategies that will help kids develop better responses to these powerful feelings.

This kit is designed for kids ages 3 to 10 and helps create a magical new toolbox of coping strategies they can draw from. From drawing a picture of what anger looks like to building a vocabulary for communicating feelings, this workbook will help kids learn positive strategies to take control of their lives.

And most importantly, get back to being a kid.

And here’s the beautiful part: The next time you ask your child to shut off their gaming console, you might not take a remote control to the head!

This is a digital product (nothing will be mailed).