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Breathing Boards (PDF) Ages 2+

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"Just Breathe"

It's an expression you've likely heard a million times.

Have you noticed when you inhale a big, slow breath that, you actually feel calmer, more relaxed, and less anxious?

Well, here's the thing.

Our kids are stressed too…

…and they need this big breath too.

If your child is feeling stressed, anxious, angry, hyper, over-stimulated, or busy, then breathing techniques are their new bestie.

That's why we've created this beautiful set of 8 breathing boards for kids, perfect for the home, classroom, or therapy office.

(You might love them too!)

Give yourself a high five because you are giving your kids or students valuable tools to help them throughout their day. Whether they are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or any other big emotion brewing, a simple breathing exercise can work wonders to help bring about some calm.


  • Eight breathing boards size 8.5*11
  • These are digital designs meaning nothing will be mailed.

These breathing boards are also included in our Anxiety Kit for Kids and our Mega Emotions Bundle.

Breathing Boards (PDF) Ages 2+
Breathing Boards (PDF) Ages 2+ Sale price$5.00 Regular price$7.00