Emotions and Feelings Social Emotional Learning Unit (ages 3 - 8)

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What do you think is the most important part of a child's education? Your answer might be math or reading, and while those are important subjects, you might be overlooking one HUGE component: Social and emotional intelligence. 

When we want our kids to succeed, form healthy relationships, and feel good about themselves, we focus on social-emotional learning, and that's what this curriculum will help you do. 

Dive deep into the social and emotional landscape with this 5-week unit for ages 3 - 8. Have a blast exploring each emotion with fun, engaging lessons that touch on feelings, facial expressions, and more. Put a smile on your kiddo's face while you two navigate the wild and wonderful world of emotions!

This emotions & feelings SEL curriculum is the first unit in our Self Awareness Curriculum based on the CASEL framework (which has five units - Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Responsiblity, Social Skills, and Relationships).

It includes five weeks of daily emotions lessons filled with hands-on activities that help kids recognize and understand their own emotions, thoughts, and values (and how they influence behavior).

These can be complex concepts for a young child, so we make learning these skills super fun with games, coloring pages, thought-provoking worksheets, discussions, engaging activities, and more.

This bundle is perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists and is suitable for Pre-k to Grade 2. Note: We have had many kids Grade 3 and up use this bundle, and we've even included some advanced worksheets for kids in that age range.

Check out the images for a look at this SEL unit up close and the variety of lessons and activities included!

  • 5 weeks of daily social-emotional learning activities.
  • Week 1 - Teaches children to identify and label 8 major emotions and other terminology commonly used for those emotions with the use of emotions posters.  (Focus on three of the major emotions).
  • Week 2 - Children will continue learning about emotions and dive deeper into another five emotions. They will do fun activities to reinforce how emotions feel in our bodies.
  • Week 3 - Children will draw facial expressions and begin to associate feelings with situations. We will use fun weather analogies and exercises to help kids tune into their bodies. They will do fun activities to reinforce how emotions feel in our bodies and how to express their feelings appropriately using I-statements.
  • Week 4- Children will learn about the zones of regulation and begin to learn how to recognize how they feel in each zone (and, more importantly, when they need to head back to the green zone); they will complete more fun exercises like coloring pages and word searches.
  • Week 5- Children will complete fun exercises to reinforce all of the concepts they have learned over these five weeks.


This digital kit will help kids:
  • Recognize the main emotions
  • Begin to verbalize how they are feeling
  • Begin to recognize how the major emotions feel in their bodies
  • Learn to read how others are feeling using body language and facial expressions
  • Learn situations that might trigger certain emotional states
  • Start to think about how to appropriately express these feelings using I-statements
  • Learn the zones of regulation


  • Use at home. These worksheets are perfect for all kids! You don't need to be a teacher to use this bundle.
  • Use in your classroom or guidance office. These exercises are perfect for all your SEL curriculum needs.
  • Use in your therapy office (be sure to purchase our commercial license). 

Here's the thing:

If you want to teach your kids valuable life skills to help them deal with stress, feel more positive about themselves and their lives, and interact more calmly and confidently with others, then the Emotions Bundle is a must-have! 


♥♥This kit Is included in the Social Emotional Learning 40-Week Curriculum (coming soon). If you're looking for a full-year SEL curriculum for a steal, this bundle is for you!♥♥

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hillary Montijo
Amazing Resource for kids with ADHD

I’m loving this Unit so far! I haven’t gotten through all of it yet but what I have used has been top notch! Highly recommend to parents if all young children, especially those diagnosed with ADHD.

Maleeka Robinson
Emotions and Feelings Social Emotional Learning Unit (ages 3 - 8)?

Worth buying.

Janice MacPhail
Great resource!

I work with children who have low language abilities and this resource is excellent for discussing the different emotions.

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