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Relationships Social-Emotional Learning Unit (ages 3 - 8)

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Format: PDF     Age: 3-8      Pages: 123

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Take a sneak peek inside:

Do you know what's super important for success in school and in life? It's not just reading or math - it's also how you manage your emotions and relationships with others! That's why we've got an awesome curriculum that'll help kids rock at social and emotional learning.

Look no further for the perfect relationship social-emotional learning curriculum! Perfect for ages 3-8, this 5-week course helps kids build meaningful relationships and learn to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Kids will learn the importance of communication, kindness, apologizing, teamwork, and more - all while having a blast!

We've put together the best lessons based on the CASEL framework - that's Self Awareness, Self-management, Responsibility, Social Skills, and Relationships.

We've got group discussions, interactive lessons, worksheets, posters, cards, games (and SO much more) to help you learn in the most exciting way possible.

This bundle is perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists, and it's suitable for kids aged 3 to 8. And don't worry if you're in Grade 3 or up - we've got some advanced worksheets just for you!



Five weeks of daily social-emotional learning activities. By the end of this unit, kids will:

  • Become friendship experts, knowing why friends rock and how to be a friend superstar!
  • Master the art of communication, actively listen, and use appropriate language and behaviors in group settings.
  • Unleash their apology superpowers, knowing when to say sorry and how to make it count with amazing language and gestures.
  • Unlock the secret teamwork treasure, discovering the incredible benefits of working together and honing their teamwork skills.
  • Become conflict resolution champions: Equip your kid with clever strategies to conquer conflicts, becoming the ultimate peacemaker in their peer universe.

Oodles of Fun and Education SEL Activities are included:

  • Detailed lesson plans and instructions
  • Discussion prompts
  • Fun teaching analogies
  • Read aloud stories and songs
  • Group activity instructions
  • End of the week think sheet
  • Posters and bulletin board materials
  • Games, card games, and scenario cards
  • Social stories (at least one in every unit!)
  • Discussion starter cards
  • Role Playing
  • Writing & Journal prompts
  • Interactive resources (such as scenario cards and bulletin board activities)
  • & more!)

Specific activities included in this Responsibility Unit:

  • Friendship Social Story
  • Safe Vs. UnSafe Friends Bulletin Board
  • Friendship Flowers and Bracelets
  • See the Good in Others Activity
  • Friendship Pledge
  • Friendship Ladder
  • Friendship Cootie Cutter
  • Communication Essentials (Soft Vs. Loud Voice)
  • Manners Match Game and Poster
  • I-Statements & Assertiveness Cards
  • Say It Communication Scenarios
  • Communication Coloring Page
  • Building An Apology
  • Apology Activity
  • Kindness Calendar
  • Kindness Rocks Activity
  • Kindness Cards
  • How to Be a Good Teammate Poster
  • Teamwork Tshirt Creative Activity
  • Draw a Picture of the Team
  • Team Wordsearch
  • Free the Teacher (Escape Room Activity)
  • Steps to Resolving a Conflict Poster
  • Solution Puzzles
  • Conflict Bingo (24 cards)
  • Conflict Cards
  • Conflict Resolution Journal
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Five weeks of think sheets
  • Five group activities



  • Use at home. These worksheets are perfect for all kids! You don't need to be a teacher to use this bundle.
  • Use in your classroom or guidance office. These exercises are perfect for all your SEL curriculum needs.
  • Use in your therapy office (be sure to purchase our commercial license). 

Here's the thing:

Don't miss out on the ultimate Relationship Bundle, where your child will learn vital life skills such as being an awesome friend, mastering the art of apologizing, communicating like a pro, excelling in teamwork, and conquering conflicts. And that's not all! This bundle will also nurture their kindness. Trust us; you won't want to let this opportunity slip away!


We have six units in our HeartSmart Program. Enough to last you the entire year!

You can buy each item individually (buy the entire program for a 63% discount!).

♥♥If you love this bundle, we've got an entire Social Emotional Learning full-year curriculum available here. That's a whole year's worth of learning! How awesome is that?♥♥

Please note: Just a friendly reminder that our resources are only for your personal use, like at home or in your classroom. If you want to use them in a practice you charge for, make sure to get our commercial license first. And please don't share these files with others or upload them to public sites. If you have any questions about licensing, feel free to contact us at

Just remember, this is a digital product, so nothing physical will ship. Get ready to become a relationship superhero!

Relationships Social-Emotional Learning Unit (ages 3 - 8)
Relationships Social-Emotional Learning Unit (ages 3 - 8) Sale price$18.00 Regular price$25.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Natalie Kalkhoven

This is excellent material - thank you

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Natalie Kalkhoven

This is excellent material - thank you