Growth Mindset Social Emotional Learning Unit (ages 3 - 8)

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What do you think is the most important part of a child's education? Your answer might be math or reading, and while those are important subjects, you might be overlooking one HUGE component: Social and emotional intelligence. 

When we want our kids to succeed, form healthy relationships, and feel good about themselves, we focus on social-emotional learning, and that's what this curriculum will help you do. 

 Dive deep into this growth mindset curriculum, designed to give kids the tools they need to develop resilience, grit, and determination in the face of challenges.

This Growth Mindset SEL curriculum is the second unit in our Self Awareness Program based on the CASEL framework (which has five themes - Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Responsibility, Social Skills, and Relationships).

Our expertly crafted lessons help kids understand the power of their own mindsets and how they can use them to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.

With our fun and engaging activities, your students will learn to embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and grow and to approach new challenges with excitement and curiosity. They will develop a deep understanding of the importance of effort and perseverance. They will also learn the value of honesty and the important role our thoughts play in our life.

Our curriculum is packed with interactive lessons, group discussions, and individual reflection activities that will keep your kids engaged and motivated throughout the learning process. From role-playing exercises to social stories to engaging coloring sheets, we've got everything you need to make learning about a growth mindset fun and exciting.

This bundle is perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists and is suitable for Pre-k to Grade 2. Note: We have had many kids Grade 3 and up use this bundle, and we've even included some advanced worksheets for kids in that age range.

Check out the images for a look at this SEL unit up close and the variety of lessons and activities included!

  • 4 weeks of daily social-emotional learning activities.
  • Week 1 - By the end of week 1, kids will be able to define a growth mindset, identify the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, and recognize how a growth mindset can lead to greater success and achievement in school and life.
  • Week 2 - By the end of week 2, kids will be able to understand the concept of flipping their negative thoughts into positive ones and practice this skill to promote positive self-talk and increase self-esteem.
  • Week 3 - By the end of week 3, kids will be able to identify their personal strengths and understand the importance of using their strengths to achieve their goals and build their self-esteem.
  • Week 4 - By the end of week 4, kids will be able to identify what honesty means and demonstrate honest behavior in various scenarios. Students will be able to identify different sizes of problems and demonstrate appropriate emotional and behavioral responses.


This digital kit will help kids:
  • Understand the power of their own mindset
  • Encourage kids to embrace failure as an opportunity for growth.
  • Recognize their personal strengths and unique qualities.
  • Learn the importance of honesty, even if it means getting in trouble
  • Develop appropriate reactions based on the size of a problem


  • Use at home. These worksheets are perfect for all kids! You don't need to be a teacher to use this bundle.
  • Use in your classroom or guidance office. These exercises are perfect for all your SEL curriculum needs.
  • Use in your therapy office (be sure to purchase our commercial license). 

So why wait?

Give your students the gift of a growth mindset today, and watch as they unlock their true potential and achieve their wildest dreams! With our Growth Mindset Social Emotional Learning Curriculum, anything is possible.


♥♥This kit Is included in the Social Emotional Learning 40-Week Curriculum (coming soon). If you're looking for a full-year SEL curriculum for a steal, this bundle is for you!♥♥

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Customer Reviews

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Ana S
Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset Bundle is great for parents to read and then use with their children. Enjoying it so far, very useful. Thanks :)

Cariza Botha
Great resource

As a classroom teacher this was exactly what I needed for my class! The activities are easy to implement and differentiate and very hands on and engaging. You have made the concepts so easy for the children to understand! Love it

Julie Baran

Growth Mindset Social Emotional Learning Unit (ages 3 - 8)

Lacy West
AMAZING product!

I work in an Elementary School, and my kids love using this product! It asks the "hard questions" in an age-appropriate way.

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